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Benetton Project 'Imago mundi'

“Imago Mundi is a cultural, democratic and global project that looks to the new frontiers of art—personalities, countries, emerging languages and different cultures—to foster openness towards the world and new horizons, and the coexistence of expressive diversity,” explains Luciano Benetton. “Our aim is to take the collection on a journey, in order to show it—through exhibitions, catalogues and a new portal on the web dedicated to art—to the widest possible audience around the world, often in collaboration with private institutions and public museums.”

Selected artist from Curacao were asked to paint or intervene a small mini canvas of 10 x 12 cm, provided by the Benetton Foundation.

My contribution is called "the lure of the Caribbean" and is made from paper clay + copper oxide and glaze.

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