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Growing up in The Netherlands with its straight lines, organized landscaping and equal lifestyle, moving to the island of Curaçao in 1995, was the best thing I ever did. I immediately fell in love with the Caribbean atmosphere. An atmosphere that became a major theme in my work.


Nature with its soft flowing lines is my greatest source of inspiration and Curaçao has been a generous provider.

The waves of the ocean, the gentle blowing of the Eastern trade winds through the trees and plants, the shapes of shells, the variety in flora and fauna, the laid back lifestyle of the people: It inspires me endlessly. 


The line is the beginning of everything. Working with clay gives me the ability to capture movement and freeze it in time.Transforming subtle natural shapes into ceramic sculptures which are a sensual fusion of form, feeling and motion.


My objects in most cases retain their natural coloring or are covered with a thin layer of engobe or glaze, so that nothing will draw the attention away from the suppleness of form and line.

ceramic artist curacao
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