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Art consultancy


Art is an essential way for a business to distinguish itself from its competitors, and for individuals to reflect their personality within their homes.

It is also a way of promoting creativity, by adding the human touch in a world driven by technology. For any type of interior, art is a means of adding colour, impact and prestige.


I advise corporate and private clients on their purchases of art. For existing art collections or a collection I have built for you, I will provide full documentation for insurance purposes or simply a list of art purchases for your own records.

I can also advise concerning the interior design and/or use of colour, furniture etc. in connection to the art. My cooperation with the Aruba bank (Hato branch) is a great example of a symbiosis between art and interior design. It resulted (a.o.)  in a beautiful slate-wall and a warm red  wall in their central hall and a colourfull canteen.


Commissioning art is the ideal way for a company to reinforce branding but it can be a daunting process. I have the experience to guide you through the process and make it pleasurable. You may require art for a specific location or want to illustrate a particular theme or have a special passion for an artist's work. If you would like to commission an artist or group of artists to create a work tailored to your requirements, I can arrange everything for you.



- Aruba Bank, Aruba

- Central Bank of Curaçao & St. Maarten

- Maduro & Curiel’s Bank n.v., Curaçao

- ORCO Bank Curaçao

- ORCO Bank Bonaire

and private clients

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